Services Provided

Goodcyte assists non-native English-speaking scientists with literature collection, review, and editing. Although we are based in Tokyo, Japan, we accept clients worldwide via PayPal.

I. Literature Collection

We create personalized literature citation databases.
The databases are tailored-made to suit our clients specific needs. Click here for a demo of a personalized online citation database.

II. Literature Explanation

We provide clients with a firm understanding of the English-language literature.

III. Editing

We also provide editing services when necessary.

Who works at Goodcyte?

Goodcyte staff must meet the following requirements:

  1. Clear understanding of scientific literature.
  2. Able to comprehend written English at the native level.
  3. Having been published, either as author, translator, or editor.
  4. Experience working in a research lab.
  5. Able to create and manage SQL databases.

What is the difference between Goodcyte and literature searching software such as EndNote?

EndNote allows users to easily search the world's databases by keywords, title, author, journal, etc.
Goodcyte performs searches on the same databases; however, unlike software, Goodcyte staff thoroughly reads the literature and determines its applicability to our clients' projects. Furthermore, we format citations according to the standards of the journal the clients wishes to submit to.


Pricing is based on the amount of literature citations required by the client and how many times a week/month the client wishes us to search for new publication in their field. For example, one literature check per month can be performed for ¥10,000 ($100 USD), or daily literature checks can be performed for around ¥100,000 ($1000 USD).

Goodcye also provides an order-made price system specified to the quantity of citations requested by the client. The price of reading through one paper may range from ¥1500 ($15 USD) to ¥3000 ($30 USD) depending on paper length in addition to access fees charged by the publisher.

Literature explanation and editing prices are also determined by paper length.

Can we meet Goodcyte staff in person?

Yes, Goodcyte's President Goodman is happy to meet with our clients in Japan at your convenience. Please use the Contact form to schedule an appointment.